We’re In A Club Now // Lizzie & Tyler

With many elements of Lizzie and Tyler’s wedding inspired by the love Carl and Ellie share in the movie Up we were glad no relatives fired off a shotgun after they kissed in church! Enjoy their wedding highlights film with a grape soda, it’ll just taste better and maybe they will let you join their club!

DETAILS // Photographer: Kim Thiel Photography // Planner: Sash & Bow // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

Oneida Country Club Wedding // Caroline & Hudson

I was on a trip in Florida, Caroline was in Belgium, and Hudson was in Texas and that’s how we first connected! While technology is great at helping us connect it was nothing like meeting them in person and seeing their perfect match together. They are both fun and positive spirits and did an incredible job along with Sash & Bow creating the vision for their day at Oneida Country Club in Green Bay. Enjoy their story!

DETAILS // Photographer: Mark Hawkins Photography // Planner: Sash & Bow // Venue: Oneida Country Club Green Bay // Bride’s Hair & Makeup:  Anagen11 // Live Band: Michael Walters Orchestra // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

Birch Creek Door County Wedding // Lindsay & Ryan

We are so lucky to meet such incredible and passionate couples every year. Lindsay and Ryan invited their friends and family to enjoy the Door County that means so much to them and their families. If you’ve ever enjoyed any special moments here you know it pulls your heart in. Enjoy their beautiful day and story.

P.S. Jump over and smile with Ryan as the priest gives him the wrong name to say! It is fun memories like this that truly make you remember your day.

DETAILS // Door County Wedding Photographer: Adam LeSage Photography // Planner: Door County Events // Venue: Birch Creek Egg Harbor // Custom Dresses: Amanda Ergen at Minkmaids // Bride’s Hair & Makeup:  Wide Eyed Beauty // Live Band: Taylor Davis // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

Wisconsin Club Milwaukee Wedding // Megan & Herman

The sweetness of this couple is just unbelievable! Herman has this boyish charm that brings out amazing energy from Megan.  After meeting all of their family and friends I could see why the both of the are so fun to be around.  The day started with the groomsmen get pampered in the morning at Stag Barbershop in Milwaukee and set the mood for a fun day with the guys. Join us as we share Megan & Herman’s Wisconsin Club wedding film!

P.S. Jump over and watch Herman’s beautiful and heartfelt toast to Megan.

DETAILS // Wisconsin Wedding Photographer: BellowBlue // Venue: The Wisconsin Club // Bride’s Hair & Makeup:  Neroli Spa // Groom’s Hair & Shave:  Stag Barber Shop // Milwaukee DJ: All Star Music // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

If She Can Do It So Can I // Katie & Mom

When Catie approached me about telling the story of helping her mother through breast cancer I knew it was a privilege to be welcomed into their family’s intimate moments. These are not easy stories to capture given the emotion and seriousness of breast cancer. I feel like I get to see and hear things no one else does. Many times just given my lens choice I am right there with the person I am focused on. After Catie had her hair cut her mom sat down in the chair for her turn. To herself she said “if she can do it so can I”, I was standing just behind her and lost it – it is hard to focus with blurry eyes! Right there I knew how important this moment was to her mom and I feel like I watched her transcend the dreadful thought of losing her hair and become someone who will be another breast cancer survivor. In their home there is a wall with empty frames and I know there are many memories in the future that will fill those walls. Catie thank you for letting us into the heart of your family and our thoughts will be with all your family in the coming months.

Door County Destination Wedding at About Thyme Barn // Samantha & Robb

This beautiful Door County day started with seeing Samantha’s dad working on his wedding speech outside of their home. There became a point when he needed to breath and he suited up and headed out on his stand up paddle board! This was his first daughter to be married (and Samantha’s twin sister Kendall will be in the spring of 2015!). Finding time like this to get away on a wedding day really allows the importance of the day to settle in and for nerves to calm down – something the bridesmaids had little trouble doing, especially Samantha’s younger sister who proceeded to dance her way through the entire day! Enjoy their lovely video story and the relaxing pace of About Thyme Barn.

P.S. You must jump over and check out The McCartneys’ photography of the day!

DETAILS // Door County Photographer: The McCartneys // Planner: Door County Events // Hair and Makeup: Kari Pudlo // Venue: About Thyme in Bailey’s Harbor // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

Milwaukee Grace Center Wedding Video // Kim & Ben

Earlier this summer we joined Kim and Ben for some wine to hear more about them. It was obvious they were head-over-heels for each other but in a very grounded and real way. Many things were about to change from Kim leaving Texas and Ben starting a new job in Idaho. They were nearing the end of their long distance relationship and looking forward to their new journey together! It was special seeing Ben’s father give the sermon at their ceremony and seeing them celebrate their faith. Enjoy the beauty of their love and their story.

DETAILS // Planner: Essential Details // Venue Grace Center Milwaukee // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

Door County Barn Wedding // Katie & Mark

As filmmakers this wedding made us dizzy! There were so many beautiful things happening every second of the day! In many ways this wedding began over a year ago when Katie’s family farm began to be transformed into the perfect place for their ceremony and reception. You could tell her father especially had a lot of pride with sharing the Door County land he grew up on with family and friends. This history made the day have so much meaning. Enjoy their story and their love!

P.S. You must jump over and check out Kim Thiel Photography’s story of the day!

DETAILS // Door County Photographer: Kim Thiel Photography // Planner: Door County Events // Bride’s Waters Too Dress and Badgley Mischka Shoes // Groom’s Zara Suits // Venue: Private Land // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

Milwaukee Grain Exchange Wedding // Alyssa & Dan

We love guys who remember the little details about the love of their life. Dan’s gift to Alyssa was an orange slice necklace which signified their first journey together. It was a simple journey of hunting down some orange slices for the Blue Moon a friend had brought tailgating. You know you can’t have a Blue Moon without an orange slice! Enjoy their story and their love.

DETAILS // Milwaukee Photographer: Lisa Mathewson Photography // Flowers: Belle Fiori // Venue: The Grain Exchange // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed