If She Can Do It So Can I // Katie & Mom

When Catie approached me about telling the story of helping her mother through breast cancer I knew it was a privilege to be welcomed into their family’s intimate moments. These are not easy stories to capture given the emotion and seriousness of breast cancer. I feel like I get to see and hear things no one else does. Many times just given my lens choice I am right there with the person I am focused on. After Catie had her hair cut her mom sat down in the chair for her turn. To herself she said “if she can do it so can I”, I was standing just behind her and lost it – it is hard to focus with blurry eyes! Right there I knew how important this moment was to her mom and I feel like I watched her transcend the dreadful thought of losing her hair and become someone who will be another breast cancer survivor. In their home there is a wall with empty frames and I know there are many memories in the future that will fill those walls. Catie thank you for letting us into the heart of your family and our thoughts will be with all your family in the coming months.

{LIFE} Appleton Maternity Birth Story Film // Meet Aubryn

Being invited to the birth of Aubryn was a beautiful and intimate experience. We wanted to go a bit deeper into how it feels to anticipate the arrival of something so precious. Being with Mom and Dad as they prepared the nursery and felt the nervous silence within the room was truly heartfelt. Enjoy their journey from the stages of wonder, to a touching natural birth at Birthwise, to arriving at home for the first yawns and smiles. Life is precious and we are hear to tell the story. Welcome Aubryn.

P.S. If you are craving more after viewing this head over to Baby Aubryn’s newborn session at Kim Thiel Photography.

DETAILS // Birth Center: Birthwise // Photographer: Kim Thiel Photography

{LIFE} 40th Birthday Surprise // Lifestyle Family Films

When you’re the pastor of a local church and your 40th birthday is approaching it is safe to say a few surprises might be in the works for you! The Soto family wanted to share a special message with their dad during a surprise service in his honor.

We had a great time peeking in on this service and enjoying the laughs and happy tears! While short and sweet, this lifestyle film will become cherished to remember their children’s personalities at this stage in their lives.

Wisconsin Videographer

DETAILS // Licensed Music: Jess Penner

{LIFE} Finnley’s Salon Experience // Simple Memories

As a dad of two little girls I (Jason) can certainly begin to see how fast current vivid memories can become hazy in a hurry. The more I think about what I want to remember it becomes clear it’s just the everyday things we do. So when our oldest, Finnley, agreed to get a summer haircut I thought we’d have a special time taking her to a real salon. She had high hopes of becoming Rupunzel and growing out her hair so this was a big deal to let go of that dream for now. I will always remember the simplicity of this day and just having fun with her. I invite you to take the time to capture simple moments in your life as they will turn out to be the important ones. We would love to hear from you on anyway our team can capture something you’d love to have forever.

DETAILS // Salon: Salon Indira, Appleton WI

{LIFE} Jade & Matthew Take Pictures // Promotional Savannah GA

When you first meet Jade and Matthew you can appreciate how well they complement each other as a photography team.  They needed to help potential couples get to know them beyond just seeing their beautiful images on their website.  When you hire a wedding photographer it is so important that you love their personality as they will be very involved in your day like no other vendor will.  The better you connect with them, the better your day will be captured.  So we set forth to show how creative, quirky, and loving Jade and Matthew are.  Keep an eye out for their incredible art collection shown throughout their home.

DETAILS // Stylist: Elizabeth Demos // Photography: Kim Thiel Photography