If She Can Do It So Can I // Katie & Mom

When Catie approached me about telling the story of helping her mother through breast cancer I knew it was a privilege to be welcomed into their family’s intimate moments. These are not easy stories to capture given the emotion and seriousness of breast cancer. I feel like I get to see and hear things no one else does. Many times just given my lens choice I am right there with the person I am focused on. After Catie had her hair cut her mom sat down in the chair for her turn. To herself she said “if she can do it so can I”, I was standing just behind her and lost it – it is hard to focus with blurry eyes! Right there I knew how important this moment was to her mom and I feel like I watched her transcend the dreadful thought of losing her hair and become someone who will be another breast cancer survivor. In their home there is a wall with empty frames and I know there are many memories in the future that will fill those walls. Catie thank you for letting us into the heart of your family and our thoughts will be with all your family in the coming months.