Oconomowoc Lake Club Wedding // Liz & John

There is something extra special about marrying your high school sweetheart. To have all those memories together is just magical and classic. Hearing Liz’s mom, Kristin, talk about how they met and sending Liz off to prom with Johnny just seemed to take me back in time as I imagined how fun and carefree that time in life was. I wish on them this carefree feeling as they create their new story together.

View more of this beautiful wedding over at the lovely Jenna Leigh’s photography site.

DETAILS // Wisconsin Photographer: Photographs By Jenna Leigh // Salon: Craig Berns Salon // Flowers: La Tulip // Venue: Oconomowoc Lake Club // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

Edgy & Romantic Engagement Film // Gina & Gianno

It is funny how connections begin to form. I first met Gina’s sister, Lisa, three years ago at a destination wedding in Cape Cod with a couple from Chicago who found us via a Google search! It was that connection that led me to meet the lovely Gina and Gianno this year. While their wedding will be in Philly next year they flew on over to Wisconsin to spend some time with us and super talented Kim Thiel Photography. From the moment they stepped out of their car it was like we were best friends and I was sad they were here for such a short time. The good news is they have this amazing memory to showcase their love. This was a bit of experimental shooting. Some would say it’s romantic, others hot, and some NSFW! What do you think?

DETAILS // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

Cape Cod Winslow Estate Wedding // Ali & Brock

We love weddings that involve a morning game of 500 on the beach. Seeing Brock and his friends hanging out at Chatham Beach playing football just set the tone for the whole day. It was relaxed, fun and sweet. The winds came in strong, the waves crashed and two of our new friends shared their hearts with each other through their own personal words. Join us with Ali and Brock and their friends and family at the Winslow Estate on Cape Cod for their incredible wedding story.

DETAILS // Boston Photographer: Forever Candid Photography // Wedding Venue: Winslow Estate // Hair: Kris Pavao Just Hair // Makeup: Blush // Entertainment: The Marsels // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

Styled Green Bay Wedding // Nicole & Derek

It was amazing to see Sash & Bow and Buds n Bloom transform Nicole and Derek’s wedding venue into a stunning palace. The draped fabrics, massive dance floor centerpiece, and artistic ice sculptures transported guests into this magical day. Enjoy their vision and their love.

DETAILS // Event Planning: Sash & Bow // Flowers: Buds n Bloom // Wedding Ice Sculpture: Krystal Kleer // Dessert and Wedding Cake: Monzu Bakery// Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

Door County Outdoor Wedding // Stephanie & Jennifer

We just can’t seem to resist barn weddings! They just naturally create a relaxing wedding and it is always fun to see how couples transform the barn to match their personalities. Seeing Stephanie and Jennifer celebrate their love with their two little girls was magical. And by the time the ceremony was over it had seemed I made a new best friend as she helped me through our beautiful sunset session!

P.S. This film showcases our new Music Video package. Your story told purely through visuals.

DETAILS // Wisconsin Photographer: Ken Cravillion Photography // Wedding Venue: Private Door County Residence // Event Planning: Door County Event Planning with Carrie Baldwin // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{LOVE} Marco Island Wedding Video // Lauren & Jimmy

Air guitars, music festivals and giggles built the foundation for the amazing love shared by Jimmy and Lauren. For them to have all of their friends and family join them for their destination wedding on Marco Island was simply amazing. As the guests walked down the boardwalk the drinks were served, flip flops were tossed in favor of the sand and Jimmy managed to giggle his way through his vows. Fire up your blender for a Pina Colada and enjoy their story.

DETAILS // Florida Photographer: Audrey Snow Photography // Wedding Venue: Marco Island Beach Resort // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{LOVE} Cedarburg Wedding Video // Sarah & Chris

This was our first wedding where the bride and groom were kickball champions in their town and the first where Harry Potter was mentioned during the vows. We love firsts! And we love how Sarah and Chris kept their day simple and true to who they are. They found special ways to include their daughter, Lucy, into their celebration. The personal vows were at times comical and at times super sweet. Enjoy the joining of these two special families for this beautiful outdoor wedding.

DETAILS // Colorado Photographer: Red Scarf Shots // Wedding Venue: Sully’s Watermark Cedarburg // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{LOVE} Indian Engagement Celebration // Satya & Chad

This world could use more occasions to celebrate our unique origins and traditions – especially when they are different from one another. Joining Satya and Chad as they formally announced their wedding next April was such an honor. In Hindu tradition this is a time for the family to ensure the groom-to-be is fit for their daughter and to provide blessings for their marriage. It was just a simple three hour ceremony (the wedding itself can be 3-7 days!). We felt very welcomed into their home and they insisted we enjoy breakfast and lunch with them! It was fun watching Chad and his family learn the traditions, enjoy wonderful Indian cuisine, and for these two families to become one. Enjoy the essence of their day.

P.S. The smoke alarms went off during the ceremony several times! Fire is used to purify and is an integral part of the ceremony.

DETAILS // Indian Wedding Photographer: Kim Thiel Photography // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{PURPOSE} Wisconsin Video Production // My Team Triumph Story

We were overjoyed when Wisconsin’s chapter of My Team Triumph approached us about telling their story of how they began and how they are growing. What we didn’t know was we’d cry during the interviews. Imagine being almost completely dependent on someone else to move around throughout the day and then having the freedom to go for a run. That doesn’t make much logical sense does it? Well it does if you have one of My Team Triumph’s Angels by your side! Learn how challenged athletes are again able to compete and reclaim many aspects of what they miss most in their lives.

Enjoy this emotional promotional video we created for My Team Triumph as they hope to continue their growth within Wisconsin’s borders. And if you feel so inclined get involved or share a link to this to spread the word!

DETAILS // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{LOVE} Minnesota Barn & BBQ Wedding // Emily & Tom

We knew the hidden barn Emily and Tom chose for their celebration was a gem when our GPS couldn’t find it! But as we found our way and entered, the sweet sounds of Bluegrass melted in with fun conversation and laughs from our new friends. And the tasty smells of BBQ left everyone eager for dinner! If you are looking for a way to lighten the mood and think outside the box a barn wedding might just be for you! Tom and Emily found the perfect twist to mixing traditional and modern to create their beautiful day. Enjoy their day filled with fishing stories, running, scrabble, bonfire…ok enough you’ll have to watch!

DETAILS // Minneapolis Photographer: Melissa Oholendt Photography // Wedding Venue: Private Barn // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed