{PURPOSE} Appleton Commercial Video // Abe’s Younger Self Marathon Promotion

When the Fox Cities Marathon approached us about creating video stories of marathon runners we had a few things in mind. We wanted to touch on different runner levels highlighting a top athlete, a family, and a newer runner. We wanted to connect emotionally with our viewers and motivate them to take the challenge. It was important to show anyone can run a marathon. We finished the campaign with our top athlete, Abe. We always want our stories to be authentic and true to who we are working with. Abe talked to us about how he became interested in running coming out of junior high and into serious competition in college. After suffering an injury he had troubles replicating his success on the track and kept thinking about how good we was. It was time to let his younger self know he was moving on and taking his talents to be a marathon runner. This is where we pick up with Abe’s story.

P.S. Also view Cassandra’s Story and Eric’s My Team Triumph Story.

DETAILS // Appleton, WI Video Production // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{LOVE} Door County Destination Wedding // Heather & Joe

There is always anticipation making the drive to Door County. Sweeping through the small towns and wondering what is coming up next adds to the curiosity. Life just naturally finds a way to slow down and prioritize itself as you spend time there. Heather and Joe’s wedding at Horseshoe Bay incorporated that feeling and was showcased in their beautifully written vows. It is amazing how writing your own vows makes the day so unique and heartfelt. We hope you agree!

DETAILS // Wisconsin Photographer: Kim Thiel Photography // Reception Venue: Horseshoe Bay Egg Harbor, WI // Entertainment: Fat Brass Wedding Band // Wedding Planner: Door County Wedding Events // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{LOVE} Oneida Country Club Wedding // Sara & Andy

The moment of knowing you are in love with someone is truly magical. It is a whirlwind of emotion, wonder and excitement. For Sara and Andy it all started one rainy night as they both laid together waiting for the other to say those three simple words “I love you”.

Enjoy their outdoor wedding at the beautiful Oneida Country Club in Green Bay, WI. Oh and watch for a big surprise from Sara’s mom near the end! Having a wedding video like this is sure to keep this memory vivid and alive forever.

DETAILS // Wisconsin Photographer: Kim Thiel Photography // Reception Venue: Oneida County Club Green Bay, WI // Entertainment: Dorsey Entertainment // Makeup: Face First Makeup Artistry // Wedding Fireworks: Spielbauer Fireworks // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{LOVE} How To Write A Wedding Speech

Wedding Speech

Our team gets to see and hear many wedding toasts. There are some that go over better than others and some that just fall flat. So we thought it was time to look at why this is and to highlight the traits that can help you write a wonderful wedding toast. Giving a toast can make many people nervous not only from what to say but also just from speaking in front of a crowd.  Just follow our DO’s below and you’ll be fine!

DO’s for Wedding Toasts

  • Rehearse your speech out loud at least once by yourself leading up to the wedding day.  Notes are fine to have on wedding day but it is best if you don’t have to read everything from them.
  • Take a deep breath and slow down. Look at people in the crowd you know to help ease any nerves you have. Look at and talk to the bride and groom – this toast is to them.
  • Speak from the heart. You can never go wrong doing this. Something from the heart always trumps trying to be funny (very few people pull off being funny).
  • Tell a quick story less than 5 minutes that helps people understand the bride or groom’s personalities. What makes them so amazing as people and as a couple?  What about them makes a perfect match?  What do you admire about them?  What did they have to overcome to get to this point?
  • Give your speech either right at the beginning of the reception (salads with entrees held until speeches done) or after everyone has eaten (dessert and into first dance).  Trying to give it while guests are eating will result in a lot of chatter and noise.

DON’Ts for Wedding Toasts

  • Never make your speech up on the spot. This is just disrespectful to the bride and groom on this all important day.
  • Start out by saying “For those of you who don’t know me”. Just say “Hello I’m Shelly, Ellie’s best friend from high school” and get on with it.
  • Make your toast a poem.  It may sound like a cute idea but it will be hard for people to follow and they will lose interest quickly.
  • Talk about inside jokes or something only a couple of people will laugh at or understand.
  • Go out of your way to be funny (read the DO’s list).  If you are a great story teller funny is possible but it is harder than speaking from the heart.
  • Talk about anything negative.  Nobody wants to hear about injuries, death, fighting, politics, and the like on their wedding day.
  • Talk for more than 5 minutes (the longest speech we’ve ever heard was 24 minutes…yeah really)
  • Have more than one drink prior to toasts! You’ll just embarrass yourself.

Basic structure of your wedding speech should look something like this:

  • Intro – “What a beautiful day.  I hope everyone is enjoying themselves.  I’m Shelly, Ellie’s best friend from high school”
  • Personal Story – This is where you get to shine with telling the crowd how incredible the bride and/or groom is and why they are a perfect match.
  • Closing – A chance to finish with some loving words and excitement.  “A toast to John and Ellie, may you grow closer with each day, soak in as much adventure as possible, and enjoy making each others’ dreams come true! Cheers!”

Enjoy the process of telling a wonderful story about this person who is so important in your life.  Write a wedding speech can be fun if you let it be.  Just keep it simple and concise.  Watching our films is a great way to understand what moments make for great speeches.  Best of luck!

{LOVE} Door County Wedding Video // Megan & Adam

We always seem to leave our hearts in Door County whenever we visit and were excited to return for Megan and Adam’s wedding day. Getting ready at Megan’s family cottage in Ephraim started the day on a sweet and intimate note. With Megan upstairs and Adam downstairs it was fun to peek between them and see how everyone was enjoying the day. Creating a wedding film for us is always about more than the wedding day. It is about who the couple is and why their love is so special. Take a deep breath and join us as we sail into the sunset.

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DETAILS // Wisconsin Photographer: Kim Thiel Photography // Reception Venue: Door County Horseshoe Bay // Entertainment: Fat Brass // Makeup: Egg Harbor Spa Verde Salon // Dessert: Mike’s Pastry (Shipped Overnight From Boston!) // Transportation: Door County Trolley” // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{LOVE} Overture Center Wedding // Jess & Ben

Could getting a cheesesteak change your life? It did for Jess and Ben as they enjoyed Big Red’s Philly Cheesesteaks downtown Madison early one Saturday morning and met for the first time. It is odd how love finds our hearts and puts us in the right place at the right time. Fast forward five years and you find Ben and Jess on an adventure near Ben’s family in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was just a simply bike ride that soon turned into a romantic proposal. Enjoy their beautiful Madison wedding film at the Overture Center for the Arts as the two once again join their hearts.

DETAILS // Reception Venue: Madison Overture Center // DJ Entertainment: Dustin at Sound By Design // Makeup: Laura Hiatt // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{LOVE} Madison Wedding Video // Lisa & Mark

After meeting during a friendly game of darts Mark walked Lisa home on the UW Madison campus. Mark asked for Lisa’s number, Lisa closed the door. She claims she never heard him ask! But soon they built a friendship traveling around and sharing their love for trying new foods. After many unforgettable adventures over that summer Mark left for graduate school at MIT in Boston. Then the flights began! Lisa to Boston, Mark to Madison. This long distance relationship has the best ending of all with a beautiful outdoor wedding at Madison’s Olbrich Botantical Gardens with incredible heartfelt vows that will make you tear up!

DETAILS // Photographer: BellowBlue // Wisconsin Wedding Officiant: Happily Ever After // Ceremony Venue: Madison Olbrich Botanical Gardens // Reception Venue: Madison Overture Center // Florist: Daffodil Parker // Bridal Dresses: Amelishan Bridal and Eva’s Bridal // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{LOVE} Schlitz Audubon Milwaukee Wedding // Ellie & Kevin

Collecting heart-shaped rocks while on trips is Ellie’s way of saving special memories. Bringing a heart-shaped rock all the way from the heights of Mount Hood in Portland, where they were engaged, to their outdoor wedding at the Schlitz Audubon in Milwaukee allowed them to share that memory with their family and friends. Writing nearly all of their wedding ceremony allowed them to share who they are and what their love is. It was refreshing to break the tradition of having a cookie-cutter ceremony. Our team had fun trying to keep up with Kevin and Ellie as they headed out in their father’s Classic MG (hold on as you watch this)! Awaiting them was an incredible celebration in the Historic 3rd Ward at the Pritzlaff Building. Enjoy their wedding film, enjoy their love!

P.S. Too many wedding days are spent by couples doing things they think they are supposed to do instead of the things that represent their love. If you are about to get married please look deep inside of yourself and showcase who you are and why you are so in love! Your guests will love you for it and you’ll remember so much more about your wedding day.

DETAILS // Wisconsin Photographer: Kim Thiel Photography // Florist: Esther of Impressions Floral // Ceremony Venue: Milwaukee Schlitz Audubon // Reception Venue: Milwaukee Pritzlaff Building // Wedding Dress: Ania of Portland Oregon // Tux: J.Crew // Music Licensing via Song Freedom & The Music Bed

{LOVE} Minneapolis Holidazzle Wedding // Melissa & Mike

The flights came in. The luggage came off the turnstile. Friends and family began arriving from San Diego, San Fransisco and Denver to Minneapolis. For Melissa this was a trip back home and for Mike it would be a return to where he proposed to Melissa just a year earlier on a frozen lake near her parent’s home. Some guests would cope better than others with the beauty of this snowy winter wonderland. As the hot chocolate poured these special guests were treated to the beautiful Minneapolis Holidazzle Parade – a lighted parade through the streets of downtown Minneapolis. Having this extra night together really set a relaxed tone for the entire wedding day. But we can’t leak all of the fun! Enjoy their wedding highlights film!

DETAILS // Minneapolis Photographer: Photogen // Wedding Planner: The Bliss Life // Florist: La Petite Fleur // Venue: The Depot Minneapolis // Wedding Cakes: Buttercream // Entertainment: Nick at Generation Now DJs

{LOVE} Green Bay Wedding Show // Wisconsin Wedding Video

When we were asked by Branching Out and Styled Accordingly to team up with them to create an amazing booth at the Green Bay Wedding Show we could hardly resist! We started creating our wall structure which spanned 60 feet and was 8 feet high in December and then began to tack on the details. I think we ended up with something that made guests feel at home and matched our style quite well.

Wisconsin Wedding Videographer
Vermont Wedding Showing
Branching Out

Styled Accordingly

Sash & Bow

P.S. Special thanks to Sash & Bow for playing our film of Luke & Andrea throughout the show!

DETAILS // Photographer: Kim Thiel Photography